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Communiqué of the1st Uganda-Tanzania Civil Society Convening on the Proposed East African Crude Oil Pipeline
Prince Chima Williams from Nigeria shares the Nigerian oil pipeline experience with participants at the meeting.

Representatives of faith-basedorganizations, civil society organizations, community-based  organizations, local government, media andacademics from Uganda, Tanzania, and   internationalpartners from Nigeria, Chad and the United States of America met on August 23-  24, 2017 in Entebbe, Uganda to shareinformation, experiences and lessons, and deliberate on   the proposed East African Crude Oil Pipeline(EACOP).

 Themeeting made the following Recommendations:

  1. Community engagement in the construction of the pipeline
  2.  Protection of Citizen’s rights in the process of land acquisition
  3.   Resettlement Action Plans should be developed in a participatorymanner
  4. Compliance with national standards for social and environmental impactmitigation  
  5. Disclosure of contracts and project financing processes
  6. Give affected communities preference in terms of employment andservice contracts
  7.   Ensure civic space for active and meaningful participation of civilsociety in the project’s lifespan
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By Oxfam, WWF, ACODE, GRA, CRED, Hakirasirimali
Posted 15th, September 2017
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