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MINISTRY OF ENERGY PERMANENT SECRETARY SACKED as ISO warns of Katosi-type Scam in Refinery deal
1st, October 2017
Government starts Oil & Gas exploration in Karamoja
25th, September 2017
“We have started with sensitization activities in preparation for the  oil and gas exploration in this region,”  State Minister for Energy, Mr. Peter Lokaris said during the launch in Nakapiripirit District. He  warned the residents and their leaders to be mindful of speculators who will now want to dupe people in Karamoja to buy their land.
Communiqué of the1st Uganda-Tanzania Civil Society Convening on the Proposed East African Crude Oil Pipeline
15th, September 2017

Representatives of faith-basedorganizations, civil society organizations, community-based  organizations, local government, media andacademics from Uganda, Tanzania, and   internationalpartners from Nigeria, Chad and the United States of America met on August 23-  24, 2017 in Entebbe, Uganda to shareinformation, experiences and lessons, and deliberate on   the proposed East African Crude Oil Pipeline(EACOP).

 Themeeting made the following Recommendations:

  1. Community engagement in the construction of the pipeline
  2.  Protection of Citizen’s rights in the process of land acquisition
  3.   Resettlement Action Plans should be developed in a participatorymanner
  4. Compliance with national standards for social and environmental impactmitigation  
  5. Disclosure of contracts and project financing processes
  6. Give affected communities preference in terms of employment andservice contracts
  7.   Ensure civic space for active and meaningful participation of civilsociety in the project’s lifespan
Regulations should address gaps in Public Finance Management Act
28th, October 2015

In February 2015, President Yoweri Museveni signed the Public Finance Management Act, 2015 (PFMA) into law which among other things repealed the Public Finance and Accountability Act, 2003.

Part VIII of this law provides for collection, deposit, management, investment and expenditure of revenue accruing to government from the exploitation of Uganda’s petroleum resources.

UGANDA: Oil brings quick cash, dashes hopes
19th, October 2015

After the discovery of commercially viable oil reserves in 2006, companies including London-based Tullow, the French Total and the Chinese government-run CNOOC began drilling exploratory wells in the Lake Albert region. By 2009, the region’s reserves were estimated at 6.5 billion oil barrels. According to the World Bank, that would be enough to potentially remake Uganda, where the gross domestic product per capita was roughly $572 in 2013, into a middle-income country within 25 years.

CSCO views on Regulations for PFMA
18th, October 2015
President Yoweri Museveni signed the Public Finance Management Act into law in February
2015. The Act contains provisions for petroleum revenue management.
Total E&P Uganda gets new boss
9th, September 2015

Total group has appointed Adewale Fayemi, a Nigerian national, as the new general manager of Total E&P Uganda Limited.

Fayemi replaces Francois Rafin from France, who was recalled back to head office in Paris in January this year – less than six months after he took up the job. Total E&P Uganda is one of the oil companies in the country’s oil and gas sector alongside UK’s Tullow and China’s Cnooc.

Delay to operationalise key institutions obstructing transparency in the oil sector
13th, August 2015
On August 11, the government shortlisted 16 firms for next round of oil bids out of 17 that have expressed an interest in bidding for its six new oil blocks.

The publication of the names of companies shortlisted and the map of new oil blocks is a welcome step towards transparency in a sector.
Uganda will not meet oil deadline – BOU
22nd, April 2015

It is unlikely that Uganda will produce oil by 2018, Bank of Uganda has indicated.

In the monetary policy report for April 2015, the central bank says "the global oil price outlook places severe question marks over the speed with which Uganda’s oil resources can now be developed, especially given that the country’s proven oil reserves are waxy, which increases the cost of moving them to the coast.”

Total seeks arbitration over Uganda tax dispute
31st, March 2015

By Elias Biryabarema

KAMPALA, March 31 (Reuters) - French energy company Total is seeking international arbitration over a tax disagreement with Uganda which could further delay crude oil production in the east African country.

"Total E&P Uganda confirms that it has filed a request for arbitration before the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes," Total's Ugandan unit told Reuters on Tuesday.