Message from the National Coordinator

I take this opportunity to salute you and welcome you to the CSCO Website. I extend gratitude to all CSCO members, strategic and development partners, and all the stakeholders that work in Uganda’s oil and gas sector, for the work you do. Over the years, CSCO has exponentially grown from an ad hoc convening of NGOs to a well-established, visible and technically competent loose coalition of 60 civil society organizations. CSCO has grown in geographical and thematic scope.

This growth has thus positioned us to constructively influence developments in Uganda’s Oil and Gas sector. CSCO is increasingly becoming a formidable force to effectively represent the civil society and the Ugandan citizenry at large, in ensuring that the country leverages utmost benefits from oil and gas resources.

CSCO through its members remains an alternative voice providing independent oversight in the sector. We take pride in the cordial relationship we have with government actors such as the Ministry of Energy and Minerals Development, the Petroleum Authority of Uganda and Local Governments in oil impacted areas, and Oil companies through the Joint Venture Partnership. The Coalition has strengthened its engagement approaches to win the confidence of other stakeholders in CSCO’s ability to constructively contribute to the sector. This was evidenced by the increasing participation in high level policy and legislative processes thus shaping the policy environment for sustainable, inclusive and equitable petroleum developments in the country. CSCO is also working closely with likeminded partners in the East African Region and Africa at large.

We remain committed to ensuring that Uganda’s Oil and Gas resources are exploited in an equitable and sustainable manner.

Mr. James Opito, National Coordinator – CSCO